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Policy advocacy program

Since establishment, VPHA has identified one of the key task of the association is advocate for the implementation and review health policies.

To promote advocacy activities for the implementation of health policies in Vietnam, VPHA has implemented several intervention programs and projects. Among these, VPHA focuses in making pilot models, implementing indepth researchs to provide scientific evidences and effective models to support the review and advocacy. The programs/projects include:

-             Smoking’s harm prevention

-             Elderly health promotion

-             Dioxin exposure prevention

-             HIV/AIDS prevention

-             Environmental health

-             Injury prevention

By now, all intervention programs and projects of VPHA have achieved notable results. They are not only shown in periodical reports, summary of each program, project, but also strongly reflected in the policies, legal documents issued by authorities from local to central level in the last 15 years.

Among those, it could be said that some came directly and indirectly from the programs of VPHA:

-             Endorsement of Smoking’s Harm Prevention Law (2013).

-             Smoking’s Harm Prevention Fund (2014).

-             The forming and implementation of the Overall plan for reproductive healthcare during 2011-2015 in Dong Thap and the plan to promote the implementation of reproductive health policy for youth in Dong Thap (2011).

-             Legal documents at district, commune level in Thai Binh in promoting the implementation of Elderly law, promote the role of elders in community healthcare and developing socio-economic (since 2010)