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Vietnam Public Health Research and Training Centre was established on the basis of practical requirements for the operation of the public health objectives of the Vietnam Public Health Association, namely:

  1. Policy Advocacy.
  2. Practice public health interventions for major health problems.
  3. Improve the quality of Vietnam Journal of Public Health.

These priorities need specific groups to implement. However, that specific knowledge and skill are only available when members of this group are trained in specially designed programs and research to develop those skills quickly.



Vietnam Public Health Research and Training Centre consists of a center director and a deputy director.

Vietnam Public Health Research and Training Centre operates on the basis of a network of experts from national and international agencies on priority areas of Vietnam Public Health. Experts will be invited to participate directly in research, program development or training courses for specific subjects in case of need.

Research and training materials will be kept, updated, shared and widely applied, in particular public health interventions. 

Vietnam Public Health Research and Training Centre will be greatly supported by the activities of three representative sites in the north and south. And vice versa, Centre will also be responsible for the operation of three this site, by designed for specific intervention problems selected possibly through the development of intervention models.


Tại Miền Bắc

Hội Y tế Công cộng Thái Bình

Chủ tịch: Tô Hồng Quang

Trụ sở: Trường Cao đăng Y tế Thái Bình - 290 Phan Bá Vành, Quang Trung, Tp. Thái Bình, Thái Bình

Tel: +

Email: to_hongquang@yahoo.com.vn


Tại Miền Trung

Hội Y tế Công cộng tỉnh Bình Định

Chủ tịch: Lê Quang Hùng

Trụ sở: 756 Trần Hưng Đạo, thành phố Quy Nhơn.

Tel: +84.56.379.3533

Fax: +84.56.379.2549


Tại Miền Nam

Dong Thap Public Health Association

Chairman: Nguyen Thi Thu Huong

Add: No.312 Nguyen Thai Hoc Str, 4 Distrist , Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Provine

Tel: +84.67.365.1887

Fax: +84.67.385.9112

Email: hoiytccdt@gmail.com

Website: http://hytcc.cdytdt.edu.vn/