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Overview of contexts and ideas

Based on the project applied on 6 provinces, Khanh Hoa and Hue had a Steering Committee on Tobacco Control, professional inspectors with commitment on implementing. This is a great premise to build the Model of Smoke-free Tourist City.

Nha Trang and Hue are popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. Hue is the world heritage, in which applied the WHO’s model-city program. Nha Trang is the favorite destination of domestic and foreign travelers. Deploying the model tourist attractions will make a great impact on policies implementing and on entertaining areas (such as restaurants, hotels…) where have high chance of violation. The project’s success will have influence on enacting the Tobacco control regulations.

The steps of deployment

  1. Pick the strategic partners: After reach to agreement with sponsor, Vietnam Public Health Association will start working with local partners who are well-known, possess a huge human resource, understand the problem and voluntarily implement at local.
  2. Establish the Steering Committee on Tobacco Control: Vietnam Public Health Association will support local partners on regulating local authorities and leaders to establish the Steering Committee on Tobacco Control. Members of the Committee are commanding officer of the People’s Committee, related departments. Coordinator (Committee assistant) is a strategic partner’s officer.
  3. Enhance the local commitment and proficiency: Vietnam Public Health Association along with Tobacco Control Working Group will provide facts, problems and solutions using the meetings, workshops and trainings.
  4. Create a commanding environment: With experiences from policies regulating, Vietnam Public Health Association accompanied by local partner will submit Tobacco prevention policy recommendations with the purpose of publishing orders, executive documents… to conduct local Tobacco control activities or to invest on infrastructure and equipment.
  5. Supervise and control the activities: Impact on establishing the interdepartmental examining and supervising group is necessary. Members of the group shall be departments’ inspectors including Police Department or others authorized officer, who’s able of panelizing violators by law. Interdepartmental Board will assemble and work under surveillance of the Director of Steering Committee on Tobacco Control. Supervising shall be sudden and regular.
  6. Gain the usage of multimedia communication: Maximize the multimedia communication with several well-designed contents (about project’s activities and coverage) with support from communicating specialists.
  7. Measure efficiency of program: Research and measure the after-intervene (2 or more years) of local Tobacco Control programs. Gaged contents are intervening contents and designs in the future.
  8. Experience and activities’ effect sharing: During the applying or at the end of the project, liable and local organizations run workshops to share the experience on employing Tobacco Control activities in local area with partners and other region. Publishing documents, science publications and writing policy regulating documents.



Difficulties in applying the Smoke-free Tourist City:

  • Violations at applied 3-star-or-lower restaurants and hotels are plenty due to the difficulties in implementing law at the early phase, when the Tobacco Control law was not widespread.
  • Applying at motels or small restaurants has a lot of problems owing to the lack of information and voluntary.
  • Local officers seem to handle the supervising work with too much ease.
  • Supervising and penalizing procedure is too complex to apply penalties on violators.

Achievements in applying the Smoke-free Tourist City:

Building a strong head-start for the Tobacco control policy local implementing:

  1. In 2012 and 2013, Vietnam Public Health Association worked with Hue and Khanh Hoa to conduct 18 workshops, 1 experience exchange at HaLong city
  2. Wrote 6 books on how to apply Smoke-free workplace to local departments and units.
  3. Published a lot of guiding documents from People’s Committee of provinces, cities and ministries. Including 2 major documents which are 12/2012/CT-UBND Order from Hue People’s Committee and Design no 2271/UBND-YT from NhaTrang People’s Committee.
  4. Directed the Announcing Ceremony of building the Smoke-free tourist city on 31/5/2012, the International No-Smoking Day, which show locals leaders’ and people’s determination.
  5. Supervised over 800 unit in 1 year with monthly activities and 4 interdepartmental Tobacco control examining operations.

Creating a smoke-free tourist city scenario:

  • Almost 000 signs have been utilized by city departments and units.
  • 000 decals “Smoke-free City” applied on public means of transport at 2 cities on International No-Smoking day 31/5/2013.
  • 160 signs “Smoke-free Workplace” were used in companies and public.
  • Showing the Smoke-free Tourist City scenario advertisement.
  • 4 parades on International Non-Smoking day and National Non-Smoking week in 2012 and 2013 which draw the participation of 5000 people.
  • 8 panels “Smoke-free City” set up in the city’s entry