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Contexts and ideas

The main goal is to create the most secure and healthy studying environment for the students. At the deploy state of the program, the Government hasn’t banned smoking in school and public yet. However, as a Public-Health training unit, understanding the detriment of tobacco and the important role in checking the epidemic of smoking cigarettes of young generation, the students in specific, HUPH’s leaders came to the decision of planning and applying the Model of Smoke-free University.


The steps of deployment:

  1. The Young Union conducts a quick survey to find out students’ and workers’ opinions.
  2. Establish quick reacting cadres and an anti-smoking club to supervise the regulations implementing and to communicate on the impacts of smoking for the students.
  3. Apply No-Smoking signs.
  4. Executive Division publishes regulations and conveys to other divisions and departments of the school.
  5. Entrust securities with supervising and warning the violators (guests, lectures or students)
  6. Supervise and penalize the violators by law and local regulations.
  7. Carry out public relation activities such as parades, meetings, workshops…
  8. Experience the program with other universities’ students to share understanding.



  1. In-campus smoking ratio drops remarkably. Most of the smokers are guests, who was unaware but stopped immediately as being informed.
  2. Conduct mass communications and school activities.
  3. Many followers have succeeded in giving up smoking.
  4. Build software and websites on Anti-smoking.