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Hai Duong Public Health Association

  1. Establishment history

Hai Duong Public Health Association was established on 14-10-2004. Since establishment, HDPHA has organized 3 Meeting. Currently HDPHA has more than 3000 members, participating in 27 branchs.

The Executive Board for the term 2016-2021 consists of 25 members. Standing committee consists of 9 members. The 5 committees including: examination, organization, education and research-social review, finance, social propaganda.

HDPHAis a member of Hai Duong Union of Science and Technology Association.

  1. Activities

During the 2009-2015 period, the Association had promoted improving knowledge for members on the Party’s policies, Government’s Law, especially the ones related to people healthcare such as Decree No. 06 of the Central Secretariat on strengthening primary healthcare, Decree 46 of Ministry of Polictic on people healthcare in the new context, Medical examination law, medical socializing activities…

The Association has cooperated with the Department of Health to hold trainings, organizes dozens of workshops, dialogues on health; proactively propose the DoH and other related departments to consult and review on several policies and programs to develop the province’s medical sector such as in the policy for training, attracting health workers to work in Hai Duong and the proposal for high quality training abroad; Review the comments for cooperation program between the DoH and Veteran Association, Elderly Association, proposal to construct commune health by national standard and the health action plan for the period 2011-2015…

In social activities, HDPHA directs each district branch to choose a commune to establish Elder’s Health Improvement Club; construct, develop the association’s funding from the contribution of members, from national objective program, providing training session as planned by Branch Office of Population and Family Planning, Branch Food Safety Association, Centre for Reproductive Health, Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention; Maintain and promote the activities of the “Elderly supports Elderly Club” …

III. Executive board of HDPHA for the III term of 2016-2021




Working position

Position in the board


Pham Van Tam

MD. Dr

Deputy Diretor – Department of Health



Nguyen Van Sai

2nd level specialist

Branch head – Branch office of Population and Family planning

Standing Vice-chair


Pham Duc Hiep

2nd level specialist

Union Chairman



Hoang Van Huynh          

MD. Dr.


Deputy Director – Provincial Centre for Communication and Health Education

Secretary – Chief of staff


Dinh Huy Hung

2nd level specialist

Deputy Head – Office of Planning and Finance, DoH



Nguyen Xuan Truong

2nd level specialist

Deputy Head – Branch Office of Food safety



Nguyen Van Hai


Director – Central for HIV/AIDS prevention



Trinh Thi Tuyet

2nd level specialist

Director – Thanh Ha Health Centre



Dang Duc Thieu

2nd level specialist

Deputy Director – Chi Linh Health Centre



Nguyen Huu Tram

2nd level specialist

Director – Tu Ky Health Centre



Vu Hong Van

2nd level specialist

Director – Cam Giang Health Centre



Nguyen Huy Du

2nd level specialist

Director – Nam Sach Health Centre



Dang Van Nguyen

MD. Dr.

Director – Ninh Giang Health Centre



Nguyen Dinh Thuc

1st level specialist

Deputy Director – Provincial Centre for Preventive Medicine



Nguyen Phuc Thien

2nd level specialist

Deputy Director – Centre for Reproductive Healthcare



Do Thu Hien


Faculty Head – Faculty of Public Health – Provincial Medical College



Tran Dinh Nam

2nd level specialist

Chief Inspector – DoH



Truong Thi Tuyet Hoa


Deputy Chief of Staff – DoH



Bui Thi Cam Tu


Deputy Head – Office of Personel Organization - DoH



Bui Thi Minh Thu

2nd level specialist

Director – Gia Loc Health Centre



Phi Quang Dong

1st level specialist

Deputy Director – Kim Thanh Health Centre



Ngo Minh Khai

1st level specialist

Director – Kinh Mon Health Centre



Truong Mau Nghien

1st level specialist

Deputy Director – Thanh Mien Health Centre



Mai Hai Anh

2nd level specialist

Director – Binh Giang Health Centre



Truong Tien Thao

MD. Dr.

Director – Hai Duong City Health Centre


  1. Contact

Address: Hai Duong Public Health Association, 42 Quang Trung, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong.

Chairman: MD. Dr. Pham Van Tam – Deputy Director Department of Health

Tel: 0913 300 546

Email: tamsyt2@gmail.com



Other members

Lao Cai Public Health Association

Lao Cai Public Health Association was established under Decision No. 2099/QĐ-UBND dated 8/8/2006 of Lao Cai Provincial People’s Committee. First meeting was held on 26/10/2006, with the operating goal: Unite people working in public health to cooperate, support each others in contribution to people’s healthcare, developing public health at the province, country in integration with the region and the world. At first, there were only 89 members in the Association. By now, LCPHA had completed the selection of 2nd Executive Board for the term 2012 – 2017 with 15 members; 667 members workings at provincial, district level preventive medicine, among which 373 female members, 179 are ethnic minorities;

Yen Bai Public Health Association

After the establishment of the Central Vietnam Public Health Association in 2004, the Central Association had directed the area to establish the local Public Health Association. Yen Bai Department of Health selected a group of staffs to receive capacity training on developing Public Health network in Vietnam. After that, 11 staffs volunteered to participate in the advocacy board.

Thai Binh Public Health Association

Thai Binh Publich Health Association was established on 16/12/2003 under Decision No. 392/2003/UB-NC by the Thai Binh Provincial People’s Committee.

The 2nd Meeting on November 2011 was able to select 21 people for the Executive Board with 1 Chairman, 2 Vice-Chair, with the Standing Committee comprised of 7 members. The Association’s main office is located at the Provincial Department of Health. Due to requirements, January 2016, the meeting of the Executive Board has selected 01 member to become the Provincial Association Vice-chair, with the provincial office relocated to Thai Binh Health College. The Association currently has 700 active members.

Ha Tinh Public Health Association

Ha Tinh Public Health Association was established under Decision No. 1615/QĐ-UBND dated 15/06/2007. The operation regulation of the Association was endorsed by Ha Tinh People;s Committee under Decision No. 3407/QĐ-UBND dated 28/12/2007.

The excutive board of the Association comprises of 15 members. The standing board including 5 members. Inspecting committee includes 5 members. HTPHA has 12 branch at districts, communes, cities. By 2015, the total number of member was 215.

Binh Dinh Public health Association

Established under Decision No. 378/QĐ-CTUBND dated 25/02/2010 by the Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee

Purpose of the Association: Binh Dinh Public Health Association is a socio-occupational organization consisted of organizations and individuals working in public health in Binh Dinh province; aiming to work together, support and learn from each others, improving experience, ethic and research to develop local public health; contributing to people’s health care and protection. (as in Binh Dinh Public Health Association Regulation endorsed under Decision No. 1511/QĐ-CTUBND dated 14/7/2010)

Dong Nai Public health Association

Dong Nai Public Health Association was established under Decision No. 6629/QĐ-UBND dated 30/6/2006 by the Chairman of Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee.

Dong Thap Public health Association

Dong Thap Public Health Association was established under decision No. 59/QĐ.UB.TL dated 10/5/2005. The association regulation was endorsed by Dong Thap People’s Committee under Decision No. 77/2005/QĐ-UBND dated 29/7/2005.

The Association Excutive Board consists of 15 members. The Standing Committee consists of 5 members. The Oversight committee includes 3 members. DTPHA has 4 subordinate organizations: Public Health Association Branch in the district: Thanh Binh, Chau Thanh, Thap Muoi, Cao Lanh City. By the end of 2015, the total number of member was 340 people

Bac Lieu Public Health Association

Bac Lieu Public Health Association was established under Decision No. 1140/QĐ-UNBD on July 13, 2016 by Bac Lieu People’s Committee. On December 27th of 2016, the 1st member meeting of Bac Lieu Public Health Association was successfully organized and selected 5 member of Executive Board and 15 members of Standing Committee.

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