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IMPORTANT: How to translate website to your language. Thứ Tư, 02/06/2021

IMPORTANT: How to translate website to your language.

1. Instructions to enable translation mode on Chrome

To read pages in a language that you don't understand, you can use Chrome to translate the page.

  • To the right of the address bar, tap More More and then Settings and select Advanced.

Vào Settings trên Chrome

  • Scroll down to the Language section, click Add language and select the language (for those who want to translate in a language other than the one being used)

Thêm ngôn ngữ Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt

For example, I chose Vietnamese to add

  • Next, click on the three dots icon next to the language of your choice, tick Offer to translate pages in this language.

Tick vào Offer to translate pages in this language

  • When accessing websites that are not in the language in the Set language based on your preferences, Chrome will display a small icon in the right corner of the address bar, select it and translate it into [language]


2. Instructions for translating websites using Google Translate

Go to Google Translate > Paste the website link to be translated > Select translate into your language > Click on the translated website link.

  • Google Translate will automatically paste the translated website link in the next frame, you can click on the link to see the website translation.



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