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In a world full of information, how can we ensure that what we read is accurate and reliable? Especially when we are constantly facing a global challenge like the COVID-19 pandemic, “too much fake news” has become a major obstacle, affecting personal decisions, the community, and even global-scale management effectiveness.

Therefore, we would like to introduce our readers to a new space where certainty and reliability are top priorities. We not only want to provide information but also build a community based on scientific evidence, where each reader can seek knowledge and come together to face health challenges.

Purpose of the information page

We are not just storytellers but also answer seekers. Our goal is not only to report news but also to build a community that understands events and scientific information. We want readers to not only absorb information but also contribute to the learning process.

First activity: COVID-19 topic

We started our operation with the COVID-19 topic, an event that is still ongoing and has been the biggest concern for humanity. We not only provide the latest information on the current situation but also focus on issues related to the pandemic and how to better prepare for similar health events in the future.

In addition, to expand knowledge, we do not stop at the information page. We are proud to introduce the journal page, which contains practical scientific research and evidence. This is not just an information repository but also a large knowledge repository where everyone can read and contribute to common understanding

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