Members of the Association

By 2020, the number of members of the Public Health Association has reached more than 6000 members spread across 13 Provincial Societies. With the aim of strengthening the capacity of the whole network, in the 2012-2017 term, the Association focuses on strengthening the activities of its member provinces. The Vietnam Public Health Association identifies the role of core cadres and members in its member provinces as a core condition for building a strong Provincial Association. Therefore, the association focuses on improving the capacity of officials for the Provincial Association. Capacity building courses on professional topics such as Advocacy, Fundraising, project management, activity management were organized with the participation of 10 Provincial Societies in the network. grid.


Member of the Association

  1. Official members: Vietnamese public works and organizations operating in the field of Public Health who agree with the Charter of Vietnam Public Health Association, voluntarily register to join the Association, can be recognized as: Official member of the Association
  2. Honorary members: Vietnamese citizens and organizations with great contributions to the public health cause are considered and recognized as honorary members of the Association.


Members' duties

  1. Respect the principle of purpose, comply with the Association Charter, the resolutions of the Association, the Central Executive Committee of the Association.
  2. Active participation in the affairs of the Association
  3. Propagating the development of members, protecting the honor and prestige of the association, preserving professional ethics.
  4. Unite, assist with colleagues inside and outside the association.
    Participate in activities in an association's grassroots organization, abide by paying dues for its activities


Member benefits

  1. Participate in discussions, vote on all affairs of the association, be nominated and nominated to the Association Central Committee.
  2. To be fostered professional skills, to be encouraged and created conditions to develop their capabilities in all aspects of their careers.
  3. Sponsored by the Association, facilitating the conduct of research and the publication of scientific research results in the field of public health as well as copyright protection.
  4. To protect the legitimate rights and legitimate interests in the profession.
  5. Enjoy all other benefits prescribed by the Association.
  6. Asked to leave the Association.
  7. Honorary members have the same rights and obligations as official members but are not allowed to participate in the election, run for the Association's leadership, and do not vote on the Association's issues.


How to become a member of the Association?

To be a member of the association (both official and honorary members) is required

  • Application form for membership
  • 2 Photo 2x3
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Fees (official members only)
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