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The Vietnam Public Health Association (VPHA) is a social, professional organization of volunteers who work in Public Health field. It was founded in December 2002 with its central office in Hanoi, business license, seal, logo, voice and independent finance.


VPHA brings individuals to work together in public health to promote cooperation and mutual support, create forums for exchanging ideas, knowledge and experience to advocate public health policy, research, intervention and development.

The Vietnam Public Health Association (VPHA) aims to be an excellent social network and professional work in Public Health field to enhance Vietnamese citizens’ health. The VPHA’s main goals in period 2017-2022 are connecting and supporting research centers, intervention models implemented in 3 representative areas in Vietnam to create social capital, knowledge and research on Public Health for the purpose of widely replicating nationwide.

1. Gather, unite, encourage members, help each other improve professional qualifications, exchange experience in public health activities, preserve professional ethics. Coordinate with state management agencies in managing public health activities and members' practice.

2. Participate in programs, projects, consultations, appraisals, social assessments, provide public services in the field of activities of the association in accordance with the law.

3. Contribute ideas to the Party and State's policies and policies on the care, protection and improvement of the people's health and public health system as well as the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the Party. people working in the public health sector.

4. Join the health education communication for people.

5. Conducting scientific research, disseminating experience, coordinating training, improving the operational capacity of members in the field of public health.

6. Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of its members in accordance with the law and the Charter of Vietnam Public Health Association

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